“This experience was really wonderful – an intense exchange of ideas between students from Siberia to western Europe, with also very lively social activities. These students fully understood that SPE forms a unique community, without borders.”
Alain Labastie – SPE 2011 President
“We have loved it all, this was a great event. All the presentations were of a very high standard, interesting and valuable. Everyone learnt a lot as shale gas and gas shales were properly described, documented and discussed. Altogether, the program with its content timing and scheduling was excellent.”
Serge Rueff – SPE South, Central and East Europe Regional Director For 2011
“Throughout the years I had the honour to attend several editions of the East meets West Congress. Working close to several other SPE Chapters and always try to improve. It’s a unique opportunity to have the students (The future of our Oil and Gas Industry) being so engaged into the topics and unlimited energy to push forward.”
Guido van den Bos – Vice President Global Accounts for Rig Systems, NOV
“The East Meets West congress was a unique opportunity for students from Chapters across Europe to come together in an enjoyable and stimulating environment. The event was expertly organized by the Krakow SPE Student Chapter who did an outstanding job in ensuring everything was professionally and seamlessly organized.”
Frances van Klaveren – SPE Young Member Programs Manager
“This was the best student conference I had ever attended! Everything was fine: reception, accommodation, organization, atmosphere and, of course, evening program:). I am very grateful to organizers of this remarkable event for great time we all had in Cracow and wish them to make the next Congress none the worse!”
Alexey Khrulenko – student – Russia